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Patriot 36% Supplement




Not feeding the recommended amount of Fortified Feeds? Add some Patriot 36% to meet protein, vitamin/mineral needs with a lower feeding rate and less starch, sugar and energy.

Patriot 36% Supplement provides necessary protein, minerals, and vitamins to complement forages and grains, enabling horses to reach their performance potential. It is formulated for use as a top-dress or for inclusion in custom grain mixes.



Feeding Instructions

Patriot 36% Horse Supplement is a protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for use as a 1-2 lb top-dress and in special grain mix formulas. Feed 5-6 pounds of the finished grain mix along with at least 20 pounds of good-quality forage divided into at least two meals per day to mature horses (900-1200 pounds).

For complete feeding instructions, refer to the feed tag.

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