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Patriot Performance Horse Feeds

Research-Proven Formulations



Patriot Performance Horse Feeds - We carry a full line of Patriot Performance Horse Feeds here at Farmersville Grain & Hardware in Farmersville, Texas (TX) 

Patriot® Performance Horse feeds are formulated using the newest scientific data. They contain quality grains, added fat, Prosponse yeast supplement, and GROSTRONG Minerals. Patriot feeds are available in 36 states in the central United States and here in Farmersville, TX.



Patriot Performance




Patriot Performance Horse Feeds

Patriot 12% and 14% Performance Horse Feeds are pelleted, limited-starch, fortified feeds formulated specifically for mature performance horses.




Patriot Texturized



Patriot Performance Texturized 

Patriot 12%, 14% and 14/10% Supreme Performance Horse Feeds are texturized, limited-starch, fortified feeds formulated specifically for mature performance horses.







Patriot Junior Feed



Patriot Junior Horse Feed 

Patriot 16% Junior Horse Feed is a pelleted, limited-starch, fortified feed formulated specifically for foals and growing horses up to 18 months of age.



 Patriot Easy Feed

Patriot Feed Easy
Patriot 12% and 14% Feed Easy Horse Feeds are complete, pelleted forage/feed products formulated specifically for mature horses, mature working horses, and broodmares




 Patriot 36% Supplement



 Patriot 36% Supplement 

Add some Patriot 36% to meet protein, vitamin/mineral needs with a lower feeding rate and less starch, sugar and energy.









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Fortifed Feeds are mixes of ingredients meant to provide the correct balance of proteins, energy sources, vitamins and minerals for particular groups of horses. In contrast, grain mixes contain grains and molasses, but not added protein, vitamins or minerals. Grain mixes always contain more phosphorus than calcium and usually lead to nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the total ration.

Fortified feeds are much better for horses than grain mixes because they contain vitamins and minerals in the correct amounts and ratios for horses. Vitamins and minerals added to feeds must be listed on the label. Be sure to check the label on your horse feed. If vitamins and minerals, [for example: monocalcium phosphate, copper sulfate, d-alpha tocopherol acetate (natural-source vitaminE)] are not listed on the feed label, the feed is a grain mix, not a fortified feed.