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GLO® Line Horse Feed
Specialized Premium Blends
Premium formulations for specialized situations.

Additional Energy Needs Specialized Premium Blends are formulated by combining stabilized rice bran with other energy, protein, vitamin and mineral sources to produce unique products that are more concentrated, thus lowering the feeding rate in comparison to traditional feeds and supplements.

Premium Nutrition for Foals, Growing Horses, and Broodmares

A Premium Fortified Feed for Foals, Growing Horses & Broodmares.

JUNIORGLO is a premium feed for foals and growing horses with protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals balanced specifically for safe, rapid growth. JUNIORGLO is especially effective in programs for show and sale preparation of weanlings and yearlings. JUNIORGLO contains Stabilized Rice Bran, Omega Flax ground flax seed, and Soy Shine along with highly digestible fibers from alfalfa and soybean hulls and is low in starch and sugar. It does not contain whole corn or corn starch. JUNIORGLO is also excellent in broodmare rations, especially when only low protein forages are available.




Premium Nutrition for Mature Horses

PRIMEGLO is the first of its kind, an ultra-premium, pelleted horse feed formulated to meet the needs of typical trail and light performance horses without overdoing the calories and without the need for additional nutritional supplements.









Premium Nutrition for Barrel, Race & other Elite Performance Horses.

Barrel, race and eventing horses and other elite performance horses require the perfect balance of amino acids from protein, essential fatty acids from fats, digestible fibers and starches. Premium fatty acid, vitamin and mineral sources like HEALTHY GLOTM stabilized rice bran, Omega Flax ground flax seed and wheat germ meal with octacosanol provide nutrients that allow horses to perform at their best for the longest amount of time.






Premium Nutrition for Senior Horses , Brood Mares and Working Horses age 4 and older.

SENIORGLO Horse Feed is made with a fixed formulation using uniform, premium quality ingredients for a consistent, superior product. SENIORGLO contains HEALTHY GLOTM stabilized rice bran, Soy Shine® soybean lipids, Omega FlaxTM, GROSTRONG® vitamins and minerals, soybean hulls and beet pulp (highly digestible fiber sources), and other select ingredients.






ShowBoost®  For a Nutrient Boost
A Premium Supplement for Show Horses and Other Show Animals.

Show horses are subjected to stresses of the show ring and travel. A nutrient boost may be beneficial to increase or maintain show condition. ShowBoost provides critical nutrients needed during stressful situations. In addition, its nutrient profile promotes a healthy, shiny hair coat. ShowBoost is also beneficial as a supplemental protein source for horses stressed by illness or weight loss or when forage quality is questionable. Gain the ShowBoost Advantage.





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